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(Above photo taken from Mr. Innaurato’s obituary in the NYTimes in 2017)

Born in Philadelphia, Mr. Innaurato was an essential playwright beginning with his work in the mid 1970s. A Yale graduate, he always had a unique eye for the large and boisterous. This compounded with a great ear for dialogue made him a very different and highly praised American voice in the theater.

Throughout Mr. Innaurato’s career, he had many plays published on and off broadway. His most commercially successful play was Gemini, which was ironic because before the play achieved success it was repeatedly dubbed as “not commercial enough”. As a cultural and theatrical iconoclast, Mr. Innaurato added heart and humor to the theater scene from the 1970s onward. His other great works include The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie, Passione, Gus and Al, Ulysses in Traction, and many others.

Sadly, Albert Innaurato passed away in 2017 at the age of 70. His indelible work on the theater still permeates the New York creative scene and his multi-layered approaches to character and story will be something that will be continued to be analyzed and cherished for decades to come.

We thank you, Albert Innaurato.